Watercolor Trees Part 4


Welcome to the last part of my Watercolor Trees series. I originally planned on painting mostly Birch trees but I learned that I love painting Pine trees. The painting above is from from part 4.  Here's a recap of the last 4 weeks, top right is last weeks paintings (I tried using more blue). As ... [ Read More ]

Watercolor Trees Part 3

watercolor-trees beginner

I know this is late but I was taking care of sick kids and getting ready for my sons Eagle Scout Project yesterday so posting about my trees just didn't get done....until now. I really struggled painting trees this last week. I wasn't feeling it. I got frustrated. Then, I remembered I'm still ... [ Read More ]

Watercolor Trees Part 2


Hello again! This week I'm trying my hand at painting Pine trees. There's just something about a Pine tree that I love. I started with a couple Birch trees but changed my mind. Now that I look at this photo I'm really liking Birch and Pines together. Maybe I'll try painting a scene with both of ... [ Read More ]

Watercolor Trees Part 1

Learn to Paint Watercolor Birch Trees

Remember last year when I taught myself how to paint Watercolor Poppies in just 4 weeks, for FREE? If not, you can see each week here: 1, 2, 3, 4. Well, I'm back to teach myself how to paint Watercolor Trees. I'll post what I learn every Weds for 4 weeks, starting today. I'm in love with Birch and ... [ Read More ]

I {heart} Sketches

Sketch Girl by 9th&Mayne

There's just something about a sketch or doodle that makes me happy. A pencil is a wonderful thing! In 2014 I hope to sketch and doodle more. In the past a sketchbook and pencil was me at all times but in the last few months I've played my mini iPad instead.... addicted, no! I must start leaving my ... [ Read More ]